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Testimonials and References

“Melissa rocked our world on set- every time there was a slip up, she was already three steps ahead getting us all back on track. She single-handedly kept the crew operating as a single cohesive unit throughout the entire shoot.”

~R James Coberly

Boom OpThe Lost Dutchman's Mine

“There are only three words that could fully describe Melissa Rohloff: hardworking, loyal, and trustworthy. These words shouldn’t be used freely nor as decorative pendants to mask a hidden identity. No, these descriptions I have used, are words that Melissa has consistently proven. I have known Melissa for several years now, and in countless times, she has dedicated her full attention to the work and obstacles that have befallen her. With each challenge, she executes professional and creative methods to undertake and produce exquisite work in a timely manner. For example, as an Assistant Director for my award winning short film “Skin Deep”, she had single handedly kept the project on task and kept order with such a short shooting schedule with several scenes and setups that needed to be filmed. In addition, when problems would arise, Melissa would calmly and professionally handle the problems in a sincere, and quick manner. This being said, she could perform her duties even in the tightest time constraints and pressure often provided on set. Because of her loyalty and pride for herself and projects she would work on, Melissa would naturally provide unmatched work performance with a positive attitude. Naturally, this positive attitude and work quality also means that she works well with others. Finally, I must address that Melissa is very trustworthy, often she would handle important tasks, whilst understanding the gravity bestowed upon her. Thus, I would sincerely recommend Melissa Rohloff, to your (services, company, production, project, etc) knowing that she will provide profound work ethics.”

~Erasmo P. Romero III

DirectorSkin Deep