Benefits of being a volunteer:

  • Learning more about the operations of the Califur convention
  • Enhancing your Califur experience
  • Meeting new people on Califur Staff and your fellow volunteers
  • Potential rewards for volunteering at certain levels, times, and events. Rewards such as a t-shirt or even your admission to Califur.7 Free!
  • Potential invitation to join Califur Staff in the future
  • Having a great feeling of helping make Califur the best that it can be.

Once again, thanking you for showing interest in volunteering for Califur.6! Hope to see you on the team!

So you're interested in volunteering at Califur? GREAT!

This year at Califur.6, we have many opportunities for everyone to help out with the convention. We need volunteers for just about anything and everything.

Volunteers come from all walks of life. Many of Califur's Staff started out working as volunteers themselves. If this is your first convention, there's no better way to get familiar with a convention then to volunteer. You don't need experience or special skills to become a volunteer, only a commitment to help.

There's always something that needs to be done at a convention. Such activities include checking badges at the doors, help setting up rooms, assisting in the fursuit parade, watching the game room, and many more opportunities to help out the con!

If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact the Volunteer department and a Volunteer Staff will get in touch with you about setting everything up.

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