Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is it called CaliFur?
    Partially because this was the only name suggested upon which everyone could agree. Secondly, we wanted to tie in to the momentum of ConFurence and carry its history forward.

  • Does the hotel have high-speed internet access?
    Yes! It is available for a moderate daily charge.

  • Is there a charge for parking?
    If you pay for a room, you get free parking. Otherwise, parking is not free, sorry. We'll have more info later.


  • I heard that I'm not allowed to film at the convention. Is that true?
    Of course not! You are welcome to take photographs and video for personal use. Just remember that video or audio footage from Califur cannot be broadcast without the permission of FENEC Adventures. Only in certain areas/times are cameras not allowed. In the Fur Le Dance Cabaret show, cameras are strictly forbidden!

  • I don't want my picture taken at all. How can I avoid it?
    If you explicitly ask someone not to take your picture, the photographer should refrain from doing so; however, please be aware that many photographs are taken in the common areas of the convention, and that video footage for Califur's highlight tape will be recorded at random times and locations. We will not record any footage in any private hotel rooms or in any other space where a Califur member has a reasonable expectation of privacy, unless those present give permission.


  • How can I help?
    It's simple. Just sign up at the ConOps staffing table during the convention, or contact us ahead of time. We'll find something for you to do -- trust us!

  • I want to volunteer my services for a specific function. Who do I contact?
    Contact us, and you will be put in touch with the correct people.

  • Can I offer my services as a medical professional to run a first aid station?
    Thank you for offering! If you would like to offer your services as a medical professional to run a first aid station, please contact us to discuss details.

  • What do I get for volunteering?
    That's the GOOD part! If you volunteer just twelve hours over the course of the convention, we'll give you a free Califur T-shirt. If you volunteer sixteen hours or more, we'll not only give you a T-shirt, we'll give you a free membership to the next Califur. Hours worked for setup and teardown (when we most need people) count double!


  • Can I register at the door? Can I save money by registering early?
    Of course! Registration at the door will be $45. Early birds can print out a form after filling out the online registration process, in order to mail in a payment. See registration for more info.

  • What do I get as a Sponsor?
    As a Sponsor, you will get a T-shirt and tickets to the Ice Cream Social and Cabaret, with a special mention in the conbook for helping keep Califur alive!

  • What do I get as a Patron?
    Patrons get a T-shirt and tickets to the Ice Cream Social, Cabaret Fur Le Dance and the Dinner. You also get a special mention in the conbook for enabling Califur to thrive!

  • Can I upgrade my membership to a Sponsorship or Patronage? How do I arrange for one?
    You can upgrade your membership at any time! It's as easy as dropping a letter into the mail. Just let us know what your current membership level is and the level to which you wish to upgrade. Enclose payment for the difference in the form of a check or money order. When upgrading to a Sponsorship or a Patronage, make sure to tell us what your T-shirt size is!

  • Can I buy tickets to these events separately?
    Of course! Dinner tickets are $25, Ice Cream Social tickets are $4, and tickets to the Cabaret are $5 -- but supplies are limited! (Cabaret is 18+ only without parent, and sells out quick!)
    When buying tickets/registrations for multiple people, be sure to keep track of how many of each you have, and for whom. You can buy three Cabaret tickets for one membership, or one ticket per membership if you're buying for friends -- Just keep track!

  • What about the dances?
    Friday and Saturday night dances are FREE! Friday night dance is open to all visitors, with or without a badge. Saturday Night Dance is for badge holding attendees only!

  • I registered three weeks ago and have heard nothing. What's going on?
    Califur does not send a registration confirmation. It keeps our costs lower, and saves you money!

  • How can I save time/trouble during registration?
    There are many ways to save time and minimize hassle while registering at the con. Having all payments ready ahead of time can avoid lots of tears later! This means if you're paying at the con, that you bring cash, check or money order -- we don't accept credit or debit, though there is an ATM in the lobby. If you've already paid, have your reg receipt printouts in hand, along with valid ID, and you're good to go! Also make sure you're in the correct line!


  • Can I Help With the Conbook?
    Each year the Conbook is created from contributions from artists and authors willing to share their creative take on our theme. If you want to submit to this year's Conbook, go to the Conbook Section. You may also mail in submissions. (For file formats and other details, please see our guidelines).

  • When is the deadline for submissions?
    We must RECEIVE all material (submission and release form) NO LATER than April 15th, 2010.
    Please give all mail-in submissions at least one week in advance for adequate mailing time.

  • Where do I send submissions?
    Please email all submissions to We may have a PO Box later- we'll post when we do.

  • Can I submit work created by someone else?
    No. Sorry. But if you know someone's material that's good, send us a message and we might be able to convince them to volunteer their creation.


  • What is Califur's policy on room parties?
    Califur takes the view that what happens in private hotel rooms is not our business; however, if we receive reports that illegal activity is taking place therein, such as the serving of alcohol to persons under 21 years of age, we have both moral and legal responsibility to take action. Room parties are perfectly allowed, provided that they do not cause sufficient noise as to warrant complaints and are completely contained within the appropriate room.

  • What forms of payment are accepted at Califur?
    We accept PayPal credit cards via PayPal, Cash (U.S. currency only), personal checks with appropriate I.D., and travelers' checks. At the door, only cash and checks are accepted, but there is an ATM in the lobby.

  • How does Califur handle bounced checks?
    We must charge a $30 fee for each returned check (reflecting in part what our bank charges us). Every person who bounces a check will be given ample opportunity to settle the debt, along with the bounced-check fee. Membership to Califur will be suspended until such time that all monetary debts are settled.

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