Art Show:

This year look forward to seeing even more artists show of their work in the art show. Be sure and look for the great low prices and the one-of-a-kind originals that our local and favorite artists put up for bidding! Once again we will be selling off the proof of the conbook for all to bid on!

Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

Discussion panels that tackle what interests you, the furries. Including: Animation, books, Christian Furries, felines, canines, furotica, furry drawing, fursuting, hoofers, greymuzzles, live gaming, pagan furries, puppetry, reptiles, Second Life, wolves, photography/videography, and MORE!

Cabaret Fur Le Dance:

Back by demand (like it's never in demand), Cabaret Fur Le Dance. Come be teased and tantalized once again, and if you have never attended before, be sure and get there early for good seats! Adults only.

Dealer's Den:

Everyone likes a little furry merchandise, perhaps a new tail or even a new book! Come into our Dealer's Den and find what you have waited all year to find. Furry gems not your cup of tea? How about a commission from your favorite artist? Come see who's got prints, portfolios or originals for sale. While you're there, come see who's commissioning who.


Games! Games! Games! What is a convention without the wonderment and excitement of your favorite games! Come check out our various events for the weekend!
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Fursuit Variety Show:

This year's variety show is getting geared up to be better than ever, and you can help out by signing up early! Please visit the Arena for more info on the event, and how to get involved!
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P.A.N.T. Panel:

All other panels are all over, and no place to go? Check out this panel, back by demand last year (and because we love you guys), Vidwulf and Oggywolf host the ever-so-popular P.A.N.T Panel. Yes, we have a bigger room this year! Adults only.

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