Art Show

Artists' Alley

A small number of artist's alley tables will be available at the convention, on a first-come, first-served basis. Tables will be assigned daily by the dealers' room coordinator before the dealers' room opens each day.

Since this will be in a public area, no adult material may be sold in artist's alley.

While we will not verify your California reseller's permit, you are obligated to have one before you can make any sales. Please complete the necessary forms from the California State Board of Equalization:

Art Show

Art Show Application Form:

Art show panels are a 4' by 4' surface area of pegboard in which you can display and try to sell your fine works of art. We also have tables available in the art show to encourage all the 3-dimensional artists out there.

Price: $10 per 4x4' panel or 1/2 table space

Califur 2010 Art Show Application Form (PDF)
Limit TWO spaces (4x4' panel or 1/2 table) total per applicant.

Note: Mail-in art will NOT be accepted by the convention, you must either bring it to the convention yourself, or you are welcome to send it to a local friend to bring it to the show.

Any art show applicant who is coming to the convention is also required to obtain an attending membership to be on the premises. A supporting membership will suffice for applicants who do not plan to attend.
Art Show Rules

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